Our EliteCHEER programme creates strong, well rounded athletes while also developing healthy, happy and passionate young people. We encourage our athletes to set short term goals relevant to the team's overall vision. We believe this teaches them to take charge of their own skill development. Goal setting is a great skill to learn and take into every day life.


Competitive cheerleading teaches determination, commitment, resilience and CONFIDENCE. Although our athletes work very hard we believe that creating a fun, happy environment is just as important.


Athletes as young as 6yrs are evaluated and placed on a team based on their age and ability. They then begin working through levels novice to level 7. Once your child reaches level 5 they may have the opportunity to compete at the Cheerleading World Championships.


Commitment is very important on our EliteCHEER teams. Every athletes plays a very important roll on their team. We therefore ask that all athletes attend their allocated training days unless they are injured or have a contagious illness.

At Element Elite we put an emphasis on building a strong foundation through mastering the basics of cheerleading before progressing to more challenging skills. For this reason Teal & Krypton will spend one class per week focusing solely on the basic lifts, motions and tumbling skills.



Diamonds - 6 to 12 years - Three competitions each year

Krypton - 10 years and up - Four competitions each year 


* Term price is inclusive of all music, registration, choreography and training fees

Diamonds - $150 per term

Krypton - $220 per term 

Competition Entry Fees x3 or x4 (cost to be confirmed)

$35 Club Shirt

$30 Competition Bow

$195 Competition Uniform 2018-2020