CheerSPORTS is a new programme we will be offering for the first time in 2020. It is the best introduction to competitive cheerleading allowing athletes to work their way through grades 1-6 while also learning a 1 minute 30 routine and performing it at one competition each semester. Your child will experience challenges, work as a team and set goals in a FUN environment where all achievements are celebrated. Athletes can choose to stay in CheerSPORT and progress through each grade each year or transition to our EliteCHEER programme where their skills will be extended.

Enjoying exercise, having fun and creating happy athletes that love the sport of cheerleading is our vision for CheerSPORTS!

You can keep up to date with your child's progress through the parent portal.
We will also provide your child with skills to safely practice at home.



Neon ~ Grade 1 ~ 3 to 9 years

Platinum ~ Grade 1 ~ 6 to 15 years

New Plymouth:

Emeralds ~ Grade 1 ~ 5 to 15 years


* Term price is inclusive of all competition, music, registration, choreography and training fees 

Grade 1 - $150 per term

$35 Club Shirt

$30 Competition Bow