About Us

At Element Elite our goal is to create a balance between delivering successful routines and an environment which is fun, inclusive and empowering to our athletes

 We put an emphasis on perfection before progression. Which means we focus on building a strong foundation before progressing our athletes to harder skills. In competitive cheerleading technique is a huge part of the scoring system. The judges main focus is on how you execute the skill. Contrary to popular belief this is actually  the fastest and safest way to learn tumbling.

  • Qualified, passionate coaches
  • Emphasis on team bonding and development of close relationships
  • Trainings which are fun, organised, productive and result-driven
  • Our beginner teams are just as important to us as our elite teams
  • Regional and National Titles 
  • Recreational, semi-competitive and competitive teams to suit all ages, abilities, budgets and time commitments
  • Unique and exciting professional choreography
  • Opportunity to travel for competitions
  • Top quality cheerleading facility in Hawera with sprung flooring, tumbling equipment, and a commitment to continually improve and upgrade these to keep giving our athletes the best opportunity to improve their skills

I started Element Elite in June of 2017 with just over 20 members. We trained at a church building two days a week. We now have over 150 registered members and two locations: New Plymouth and our very own facility in Hawera. Cheerleading is growing so fast and we are honoured to be a part of it. 

I started cheerleading in 2014 with a club in Brisbane. I have also done cheerleading in Auckland and New Plymouth. With my team mates I have achieved grand champions in level 2, 4 and 5. My level 5 team from New Plymouth won a bid to the World Championships in 2017. Unfortunately the club shut down and we were unable to attend but one of my long term goals is to take my own team to the Cheerleading Worlds one day!

I have received my coaching credentials in level 1-3 and will be sitting my level 4 test in 2020. I am currently doing a personal training course and will be starting a Cheerleading Academy Course in 2020. 

Hayden, my partner, joined Element Elite in November of 2017. He has previous gymnastics experience and has worked hard to learn all about cheerleading stunts and technique. We have both completed a comprehensive first aid course and absolutely love working with children and watching them grow and learn! 

~ Sarah 

Sarah Keys
Hayden Palmer